Need a place to store your stuff?

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Maybe you would move, but the date is slipping and you don’t know where to put your furniture, utility items, sports equipment? In these difficult times, you’ve liquidated your business, maybe paused it, so you don’t know what to do with the plenty of equipments? Maybe your business has grown out of its own warehouse? Warehouse rental provides an excellent opportunity to safely store your business or personal belongings.

Storage parameters

Our company has warehouse where several solutions can be implemented. Whether it’s just 1 pallet of merchandise, or even 400. It can even accommodate an entire truck with cargo. But if you wish, the entire 200 m2 warehouse can be rented out in its entirety. 

We are flexible to serve our customers.


Our warehouses are in excellent locations:

  • Tököl
  • Kecskemét

Storage time

And the duration can only be set by you, be it a few days or even weeks, months, both short-term and long-term storage can be solved.

Storage for private individuals


Would you spend several months abroad or just move to Hungary? Maybe this makes it difficult to place your belongings? Would you change apartment? Are you planning a longer study trip?

Many life situations present us with different challenges. Mainly a move, construction, longer trip. Help comes in handy when it’s reassuring to know that furniture, electronics, books, valuables, sports equipment are patiently waiting in a safe and clean warehouse until they can be replaced.


Warehousing for businesses

Have you increased the capacity of your own warehouse too much? You may not be able to start with your existing equipment in case of a company change or downtime? Do you need periodic storage? Do you have exhibits that you are not currently opening an exhibition for?


We undertake contract warehousing for companies, with various warehouse areas fully tailored to the needs of our customers.

Advantages of our warehouses:

  • Accurate and predictable fee
  • Clean, water- and soaking-free storage area
  • Safe guarding
  • Pallet storage
  • Free parking
  • Easy access
  • A full truck can also be accommodated with cargo
  • 0-24h service
  • Long and short term storage also
Inquire about the free storage space by entering the date via our contact form!


– M5
– By road 5
– Near Tesco store in Kecskemét

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