Renting and leasing of premium category cars

Do you want to arrive at an important meeting by a dynamic BMW? Want to stand by an exceptional Mercedes at your wedding?

Decide on reliable quality!

The vehicles provided by our company are in impeccable technical and aesthetic condition with high equipment. We can assure you that our cars will serve your needs perfectly, whether you are going on a business meeting or on a private trip.

bmw bérlés

Choose from our high value vehicles!

Audi A5

from 29.900 Ft/day

Mercedes E200

from 34.900 Ft/day

Are you interested in other category? 


from 22.900 Ft/day


from 22.900 Ft/day


from 22.900 Ft/day


from 8.990 Ft/day

Suzuki Swift 1.3

from 4.900 Ft/day

Our commercial vehicle fleet

Peugeot boxer ponyvás

from 15.900 Ft/day

Hyundai h-1

from 25.900 Ft/day

Duration of car rental

It is possible to rent our cars for both short and long term. So, if it only takes 1-2 days or several weeks, we will find a solution!

Comfort and time efficiency

You don’t even have to come for the rented car, as our colleague will take the selected one to the agreed time and place. Be it within or outside our borders. Of course he will go for it after the lease expires.

Car rental not only within country borders but also outside

Would you use the selected car abroad? However, don’t you want to drive more hours? No problem. The car can be handed over at the agreed location, even in an airport car park. That way, you don’t have to worry about how to get to the car you want to rent!

Car rental for weddings, special occasions

For a great day, memorable occasions, a premium car is a great idea. Our high-value, elegant Mercedes or BMW vehicles provide an impressive look, raising the standard of the day. Let us assure you that our experienced driver transports the passengers accurately and safely to the right place.