About us

History of Rent-Car-Go

Our company was established with the aim of offering a solution to those who want to rent a high- or luxury-class car, either for a short or long term. We are proud to say that the upward arching of the company is showing a continuous trend.

Uncompromising principles

The vehicles provided to our customers represent impeccable technical and aesthetic quality, and their equipment – in many cases – exceeds the offers of other rental companies. Reliability and customer satisfaction are our basic principles.

Growing demand for car rental service

Based on experience, we can say that the demand for car rental has increased, that is why we have expanded the company profile with rental agency. The point is that we mediate indispensable or unused cars owned by individuals and/or companies (even those with financial difficulties) to customers who are eager to rent. We always check the aesthetic and technical condition of the vehicles provided through the rental agency in person, so that we highly recommend it.

Transportatin and freight on the range of services

Rent-Car-Go has also been engaged in road freight transport. Whether domestic or international shipments, the vehicles on the website are at your service. Performing punctual and safe transport tasks is also one of the basic principles of our company policy. If you want to ask your questions on the Timocom interface, you can find us at this ID:

Timocom ID: 228039


The company’s activities also expanded with warehousing. Our warehouse areas can be found at:
Tököl in the airport area
Kecskemét, Budaihegy 70/a.


Our warehouses have the following parameters:

from 3 warehouses

warehouse parts

warehouse parts

Besides our permanent tenants, we are looking for either companies or individuals who think in long or short terms. In case you are interested in our warehouse capacity the best way is to inquire by phone. 

The flexibility we have

Beyond the rental prices and conditions available on our website, we are at your disposal with additional flexible conditions and customer-friendly solutions.


We hope to welcome you among our customers soon!

Mr. Istvan Palánki
Managing Director
+ 36 70 850 77 70

Mr. Koppány Zoltán Tar
Head of the Transportation Division
+ 36 20 457 76 90